How the micro-bubble work

So how can you actually use our Microbubble Wash System for therapy? It's very simple. You can use your own sink (or baby bathtubs for small and midium-sized dogs). Fill the sink or tub with 95 to 100.4F water. Attach to the machine both the discharge and suction nozzles and put a spoonful of cleansing powder in the water with the provided spoon. Once you turn on the machine, the microbubbles will come out and the water will turn white. Place the dog in the sink or tub and let him/her enjoy the bath. For better experience, you can also soak him/her with the bubbles using the discharge nozzle. After a few minutes, you will see the dirt floating on the water surface. Depending on the dog's size and health condition, the therapy can last for 10 to 15 minutes. Simply dry the dog after the treatment; unlike shampoos, there is no need to rinse.

Because the microbubbles are negatively charged, they attract positively charged particles, such as dust and pet dander, and bring them up to the surface. When generated in high density, the microbubbles produce many negative ions. They also collapse in water pressure, creating shock waves. With our Microbubble Wash System, this happens in a chain reaction at the rate of a few hundred times per second, and the shock waves and negative ions provide pleasant stimulation for the skin.

What is a microbubble? Micro(μ) means one million(10-6); 1 μm is one millionth of a meter. The diameter of human hair, for example, is approximately 70 μm, which is extremely small. The microbubbles are extremely small bubbles, indeed, much smaller than jacuzzi bubbles. The microbubbles can range from 1 to 999 μm, and the size can affect the overall experience. Our Microbubble Wash System produces finer microbubbles that are around 3 to 20 μm. Generally, using our generator, 1cc of water contains a few hundred bubbles (though this may vary depending on the water temperature and environment).)

Image of pore

The microbubbles are made of water and air, which is not enough to remove all the oil and organic waste. Although they are very effective in washing away the dust and flakes off the skin surface, they may not be able to remove all the oil and organic waste from deep inside the pores. That is why we created our special cleansing powder. This special powder softens sebum and organic debris so the microbubbles can absorb and remove them easily. The powder also helps clear the oil that is clogging the pore entrance, so the bubbles go in deep to cleanse all the impurities that cause odor and skin irritation.

Compare the bubbles

When bathe in the microbubble wash system

Hair become - Soft hair will be very fluffy & Hard hair will be firmly
Pores - dirt in the deep pore smell, cause of the itch completely clean
Sensitive skin dog - It's safe to use for a dog which have sensitive skin
​                                              because the dirt comes off without rubbing action

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How micro-bubble can offer powerful cleansing

Regular bubble
(approx. 2 mm)

What is Micro-bubble?

Cleaning effect of microbubble system

(approx. 20 μm or 0.02 mm)

Landscape of taking a warm bath